Proactive. Efficient. Consistent. Green.

Our goal is to have zero concerns or complaints. When we see a potential problem we take action. Whether it is our quality manager identifying issue and taking corrective action or our staff advising you on how you can save money, we constantly strive to stay ahead of the curve.

Our approach is simple, use green cleaning techniques whenever possible for office cleaning. This may mean using certain products or equipment or a combination of both. Every facility requires an individualized approach depending on the type of facility and possible rules and regulations we would be happy to discuss exactly how a specific green office cleaning regimen could be integrated into your cleaning schedule.

Utilizing the most up to date equipment and through our team cleaning process we are able to clean efficiently and on task every time. As a result you receive a better service at a better price.

In everything we do consistency is our goal. When a staff member is assigned to your facility they are give specific start and end times. They are also given tasks to accomplish in the same order each cleaning with the rest of the team. This allows us to limit mistakes and ensure we are on track each cleaning.

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Klean Korners is here to serve. We provide a full line of custodial services to businesses in the Oakland County area. Our goal is to make your facility shine and let you focus on your goals, growth and reaching new customers. Klean Korners wants to be more than just another vendor. We strive to become a valuable asset and business partner to each customer.

Why Choose Us?

Our Dedication to Quality

Quality Assurance is a high priority at Klean Korners. We have a systematic monitoring and evaluation process to ensure the standards of quality are being met in each project, service, and overall facility.

Our Superior Staff

Our staff has answered the call to excellence. They not only have the skills necessary to maintain a high standard in cleanliness but they have a sense of pride and passion in each task assigned.

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